Tips to Follow When Purchasing a Fire Escape Ladder

There are some tips you should consider following when buying a fire escape ladder starting with the size of the ladder you require. You need to make sure the ladder is the right size so anyone who is using it will be able to get to the ground safely without having to jump. If you are not sure what size is appropriate there are companies that can provide advice on this and we will jump into that topic shortly.

Financing the Purchase of the Fire Escape Ladder

These ladders can be fairly expensive so you have to think about how you intend on paying for it. An option you may consider is going to a vendor that will provide in-house financing. This is typically more expensive when compared to traditional lenders like a bank but it is also more convenient. If the vendor is not able to provide financing then you might consider seeking out an alternative vendor that does offer financing.

Selecting the Right Vendor

Look at the range of ladders that are available and find out whether they are certified by the government. If the ladder is not certified then it may not be suitable for your property, your insurance provider will not protect you if you installed a ladder that was not certified by the government so this is a step that cannot be overlooked. If the ladder is certified then you should find out whether the vendor selling it will also handle the installation of the ladder. This installation process is not something you should ever attempt on your own, if you did there is a risk of being injured or the ladder failing during an actual fire so be sure to take this step seriously. Only when you have completed all of these steps can you proceed with the purchase.